Clubs #3 and #4: Bridge Spot in Woburn, MA and MIT/DL Club in Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 – A.M. game

Ernie Banks said, “Let’s play two.” So I did. This morning I went to the Bridge Spot in Woburn, MA.

The Bridge Spot

A large club, Dean Panagopoulos runs games six days a week in a plush office building facility. They had 16 tables in the main room, which holds about 25-30 people, and a side room used primarily for teaching. The Woburn facility is complete with a kitchen and game room. What a great club with all the modern technology necessary and very nice players!

– Craig

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 – P.M. game

Tonight I visited Cambridge, the home of MIT and Harvard. As soon as I made it inside the building I called my daughters to tell them their dad “got into MIT.” The MIT/DL Club is jointly sponsored by MIT and private company, Draper Labs.

MIT/DL Club in Cambridge

MIT/DL Club in Cambridge

Tuesday evening’s game was held in a classroom, and there were a few bridge students in attendance, but most were seasoned players and former MIT students. Tables were complete with duplicate boards and bidding boxes brought by the players. It was wonderful to see an overall emphasis on players being very considerate, patient, and helpful to the less experienced players. It was fun playing in a game where I was the oldest player!

After the game, eleven of us went to a bar in Harvard Square and had a great time going over the hands we had. It reminded me of my college days in the ‘60s.

Check back often for travel entries by Craig as he continues his bridge odyssey.

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