Club #8: Maple Grove Community Center in Lancaster, PA

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today I played at the Maple Grove Community Center in Lancaster Pa. Five Bridge Clubs got together to rent this facility Monday through Friday. The building is great and complete with a kitchen, bathrooms, and storage for all the tables, chairs, and bidding boxes. Andrea (Andie) Shaeffer runs daytime games Monday and Friday. She has to set the tables up on Monday and John Klinger, who runs the Tuesday and Friday night games, takes them down on Friday. It seems like a great arrangement for all (especially for those who run games in the middle of the week).

They had 27 tables Monday, in two sections: Life Master and Non Life Master. Andie prepared a lunch including salads to sloppy Joe’s and dessert galore. I gave a lecture to the 25 or so players who came early, and I tried not to confuse anyone too much. I played with Ken Meyer who used to play a lot, then had a family, and now is retired and playing again; sound like anyone you know? The game and the people were enjoyable and I might return for an evening game later in the year.

– Craig

Check back often for travel entries by Craig as he continues his bridge odyssey.

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1 Response to Club #8: Maple Grove Community Center in Lancaster, PA

  1. Bill George says:

    Hi Craig:

    This may only be of interest to you (I’m ACBL member #O76-063-5) and wanted to mention a similar quest to yours, but in baseball. My brother-in-law is trying to sing the National Anthem at 100+ Minor League Baseball parks. His Web Site is Good luck on your adventure!

    Bill George

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