Club #14: Colonial DBC in Williamsburg, VA

Friday, May 6

I woke up at 5:45 to get ready to go to Williamsburg. In case you are wondering why I am backtracking, it is because the Raleigh Bridge Club meets on Thursday and the Colonial DBC, managed by Sam Decroes, meets on Friday. Some parts of this odyssey are dictated by when the clubs meet. Today’s club meets in Windsor Meade, a beautiful room within a retirement community. Sam has done great work teaching in elementary schools in addition to building this club from 6 to 20+ tables.

I played with Unit President, Chuck Sadowski, and we had a very enjoyable game. The first hand of the day, I opened one spade and Chuck held S-Kxxx H-Ax D-x C-AKQxxx. Chuck chose to bid 4D, next person bid 5D, I passed, pass and Chuck bid 6S. They cashed one diamond and I had AJ1087 of spades and played for them to be 3-1 and lost to a doubleton queen. Absolute zero, but we recovered. Thanks to Pat and Ken Richeson for being such great hosts!

Craig with Sam Decroes and Chuck Sadowski

Craig with Sam Decroes and Chuck Sadowski

Colonial DBC

Craig with members of Colonial DBC


Check back often for travel entries by Craig as he continues his bridge odyssey.

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1 Response to Club #14: Colonial DBC in Williamsburg, VA

  1. Sam DeCroes says:

    It was a distinct pleasure having Craig and Elaine as honored guests to our duplicate game in the famous little town of Williamsburg, VA. We had a ball! Never forget that many of our greatest founders learned to govern here and help create the greatest government of all time. My prayer is that we can find another George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason or Martin Luther King to step up and become our next president.

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