Club #19: Aiken Bridge Club in Aiken, SC

Wednesday, May 11

I traveled across the state to Aiken, a very nice town about 20 miles North of Augusta Georgia. Aiken has great history and has a lot of very nice homes. Alan Brooks, ACBL TD, invited us. Elaine played with an old friend, Eddie Bowers and had 64% game only good for 2nd. I played with Sedley Roach, who deserves the good sport award. The first hand of the day I held AK10 AKQxx AKQJ x. I opened 2♣ and it went double and Sedley bid 2, I bid 2, she bid 3, I tried 4NT and she bid 5 so I tried 7! They cashed the club ace and then I realized we were playing 1430. How embarrassing on the very first board! Sedley was so nice. This is definitely a players club, and on the first Wednesday of the month they have a birthday party for everyone with birthdays that month. Bridge players do love cake, it was a nice touch.

Craig with Sedley Roach

Craig with Sedley Roach

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