Club #20: Fayetta Coweta DBA in Peachtree City, GA

Thursday, May 12

In Peachtree City, I was greeted by Councilwoman Vanessa Fliesch. I had a nice conversation with her about the park where we were and about her originally being from Vineland NJ and even Philadelphia. The game was held at the ‘Gathering Place’, a community center in the park. It was a 10 O’clock game, and the players brought in food for lunch. I played with Ken Parker and things went very well from the beginning and we won with a 73% game. After 4 rounds, we broke for lunch. A lot of the food was homemade goodies. I got to spend a lot of time talking to the players which was good. Jeanette Keener is the director and does a nice job. After the game I drove 40 miles north to Ina Parry’s non-LM game in Atlanta. Bob and Barbara Heller met me there and we arrived as the game was breaking up. I still was able to speak to many of the players of this 19 table game.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch and Craig

Councilwoman Vanessa Fliesch and Craig

Craig with Ken and Donna Parker

Craig with Ken and Donna Parker

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