Club #21: Roswell DBC in Roswell, GA

Friday, May 13

We showed up in a group to Roswell, Georgia. This is the only stop on the trip that I brought along a partner, Bob Heller District 7 Director. Elaine played with Barbara Heller, and my sister Sue Campbell played with her friend Joan Duffy. Sue and Joan have about 25 masterpoints each. They had a 56% game and finished 4th in A and 1st in C! Yeah Sis! Bob and I staggered to a 58% section 2nd while the girls had a 60% game.

The game was played in a church and directed by ACBL tournament director Bill Marks. 26 tables were in play. There was a very interesting field make-up. There were actually a lot of good pairs, with relatively new pairs woven in. Everyone was being very respectful of each other. My sister and Joan have been playing duplicate a little less than a year and are doing very well. Her brother is very proud of her. Hopefully, I can get my brother to play later in Santa Barbara.

Craig with Bill Marks and Bob Heller

Craig with Bill Marks and Bob Heller

Check back often for travel entries by Craig as he continues his bridge odyssey.

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