Club #25: Jack Sullivan Open in Gautier, MS

Wednesday, May 18

Well, I have a new favorite food… meat pies! They are in a round pastry, folded in half and filled with meat and some very tasty green stuff. There was also a sauce on top (garlic) that was just great! The club members were talking about two things on this visit: some girl and the new bridge club they built in Gulfport MS. The big question was why didn’t I go to that club? Well, for the most part I go to clubs who invited me and Jim Crowe invited me to the club in Gautier. As for the girl, Katrina is still very much on everyone’s mind here. She destroyed the old bridge club in Gulfport, and the people in this area are very proud they were able to raise money to build a new bridge club. I played with Walter Lewis and he was a very enjoyable partner. We did well, and would have done better if I had not given us -500 on a board instead of +500. We had the deal of the tour:

xx AQxxxx
xxx void
AJxxxx Qxxxxx
xx x

EW can make 6, 7 if a club isn’t led. NS can make 5 or 6♣ or 7 of either if a spade is not led. We played in 6 by South down 1 and got 42% of the matchpoints.


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