Club #27: Birmingham DBC in Birmingham, AL

Friday, May 20

‘Welcome to Dreamland’! The Birmingham BC rolled out the red carpet and had lunch catered by Dreamland Barbeque. When I go to Horn Lake, I always try to get to ‘Corky’s’ and ‘Interstate’ which are two of the best barbeque places in Memphis. ‘Dreamland’ is Birmingham’s answer to barbeque. The bridge club is big and I think there were 25 tables and the ‘pride of Birmingham’, Frank Stewart also played. I got to speak to Frank about his days with the ACBL and his life today as a bridge columnist. I spent the night at the ‘Parrish Inn’ and played with Bill Parrish. A lot of Alabama’s best players came out and pummeled Bill and me. Special thanks Sandy Smith, club manager, whose efforts made this stop possible.

Craig with Frank Stewart

Craig with Frank Stewart

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2 Responses to Club #27: Birmingham DBC in Birmingham, AL

  1. melind0908 says:

    We all need a good pummelling now and then. It keeps you humble.

    • Hi,
      I see you have been following my blog. One of my problems in writing this blog is that I am saying things I don’t want to say but I am in a catch 22 situation.
      1) I don’t like to say the people of xxxxxx went to a lot of trouble to have a nice party but if I don’t mention it, they will think I didn’t appreciate it. But now club yyyyy reads this and feels they need to do something.
      2) The games I play are very important to those I am playing with. I play hard but my goal is neither to win or even win points but my padtner’s goal is to win and anything else often is a letdown.

      I only want to thank the clubs for the 12,000 new members they get to join the ACBL each year and meet as many members as I can.


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