Club #33: University of Chicago BC in Chicago, IL

Wednesday, May 25

From Deerfield, I went back to the Subeck’s where I was picked up by Matthew Dyer who drove me to the University of Chicago for an evening game. We went to the campus pub where we played bridge and ate and drank with many of the students warming up for the main affair at 7:30. I answered questions from the players prior to the game, and I played with Dennis Kriventsov the President of the University of Chicago BC. There were 5 tables, and very similar to the MIT/Draper Lab club in Cambridge, the students/players are very considerate and helpful of each other. One other note: the campus is a very beautiful city campus. Matthew does a lot with the students (lessons and instructions) and he drove me all the way back to the North Shore. Wilson Valdez was pitching for the Phillies in the 19th inning when I returned.

No pictures, no lawsuits

– Craig

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2 Responses to Club #33: University of Chicago BC in Chicago, IL

  1. Chuck Alexander says:

    I miss the pictures. Bring them back….litigation is over rated. Besides, they will never be able to find you for service since you are never in the same place for more than a day.

  2. T Craig Robinson says:

    That’s good, can I hire you as a writer? Craig

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