Club #35: Kalamazoo Bridge Center in Kalamazoo, MI

Friday, May 27

Many clubs have adopted a mentoring program. This is when a more experienced player helps a less experienced player, with the goal being to make the mentee feel more comfortable. Often this program consists of the mentor/mentee playing together, but could also include the mentor merely makes himself available to answer questions the mentee might have. Kalamazoo is not the first club to have a mentoring program by any means; it just seemed a good time to mention it. I played with Dennis Carmen, a very enjoyable game to say the least. During the game, club manager Alan Bau announced that everyone is invited to come over to Marion Gilbert’s house after the game for dinner. I asked Dennis, “Did he just invite 80 people over to Marion’s house for dinner?” “I think that is correct,” he replied. More amazing than that, Marion played against us next round. So she is playing bridge even though 80 are coming for dinner. The players at the Kalamazoo like each other, bridge is competitive but very social.

Craig in Kalamazoo

Craig in Kalamazoo

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