Club #49: Essex Bridge Center in Livingston, NJ

June 6, 2011 Essex Bridge Club, Livingston, NJ

On Monday I went to the Essex BC, the largest club in the ACBL. They have 22 games (including 14 limited games). The club has been run by the Powell family, Ken, Ros, Alan(son) and Meagan(daughter-in-law). The four of them have a great attitude and are focused on the newer players while serving the experienced players. I returned to Essex a week later to play with Neeta Mona. Neeta had been at the World Championships in Philadelphia and was the top masterpoint winner in her category and chose to play a game with me as her prize. She may have been better off finishing 2nd in her category. We only had a 53% game, disappointing but fun.

Essex Bridge CenterEssex Bridge Center

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1 Response to Club #49: Essex Bridge Center in Livingston, NJ

  1. Hi Craig,
    Since you’ve visited the largest club, maybe you should visit the smallest club…which is probably Boomer Bridge in Shawnee, Oklahoma. We’ve been in existence about 18 months and we average 4 tables every Wednesday afternoon…but we’re very enthusiastic!
    I’m avidly following your visits to gain ideas and so I can see how the other half lives.

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