Club #51: M.A. Lightman Bridge Club in Memphis, TN

Before Craig officially began his 100 Clubs in 100 Days tour in Lansdale, Penn., he visited the MA Lightman Bridge Club of Memphis, Tenn., and would like to share that experience with you.

In February, I visited the MA Lightman Bridge Club in Memphis TN. It was ‘8 is enough’ night, a Swiss Team event run by Mary Oshlag and her husband Richard. The rules for this event are that all players are either Strat A, B, or C. ‘A’ players count 3, ‘B’ players 2, and ‘C’ players 1. Teams are formed by making up a team of 8 points or less. So if you have 2 ‘A’ players, your team must have 2 ‘C’ players or you could have 4 ‘B’ players etc. This event gives the less experienced players the opportunity to be teammates of the veteran players and is a very nice social event.

The bridge club is well designed with basically two rooms, one for the open game and one for either an I/N game or for teaching. They have a kitchen and there was plenty of food. Keith Wells did a great job directing.


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