Club #56: Fargo Country Club DB in Fargo, ND

August 10: Craig Robinson Begins Next Leg of Club Tour in Fargo

Fargo is the only club in the first 99 that I arrive to by plane. I was concerned that arriving was out of my control, but American Eagle got me there. Fargo is certainly an interesting city and I wish I had more time there. The club had dinner before the game and lots of players brought desserts. 11 1/2 tables was a nice turn-out! Rosie Venek, District 14 President was the MC and she is a delight. Naomi Paasch, who I met in Louisville when she invited me to come to club, directed the game. I am glad I did come! It was a great night. I played with Tom Fox, who is an excellent player. We did well, but as usual, could have done better. After the game, most of us went to the bar; which again brought back memories of the good old days. Naomi, thanks for inviting me. I am glad I came! Also, thanks to Rosie, Tom and everyone for making it so enjoyable.

Rosie Vanek and Craig

Rosie Venek and Craig

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