Club #62: Emporia DBC in Emporia, KS

August 15

Well this was different! I got to a Best Western with 5 tables set-up and I was the first one there. As people slowly came in I found out how today would be played out. First, my partnership in the game would be raffled off, and the money raised would go to the Reading relief fund. Reading Kansas was recently destroyed by the tornados. Marie Aisenhauer came over and introduced herself and showed me that she had bought five raffle tickets. She said she was going to win because I would pick her name when the drawing was held. Arriving next were two tables of players from Wichita, Lawrence and Manhattan Kansas. There were players who traveled 60-100 miles to play in today’s game. In no time, I went from being the only guest, to the game having 15 tables! Unbelievable! Next it was my turn to draw the raffle winner. Of course I drew Marie. We won by getting 90% of the matchpoints the last three rounds. After the game we had a Q&A session which was a lot of fun. Later, a group of about 15 went to have dinner and a drink. What a great day!

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