Club #71: Abilene Bridge Club in Abilene, TX

August 24

Abilene has an energetic new President in Jo Smith. She has also become their representative on the District Board. Coleen Grisham had invited me to the game she directs, Bridge etc, but it turned out that I would get to Abilene on a Wednesday and her games are held on Tuesday and Thursday. So Coleen spoke to Jo Smith and my visit was changed to the Abilene Bridge Club at the Mabel Lilius Bridge Center. They had 15 tables and they gave me a cowboy hat and bandana so I wouldn’t look like a ‘Philadelphia Tenderfoot’. Coleen and I played a very nice game on a very nice day (only 106 degrees) at the bridge center.

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3 Responses to Club #71: Abilene Bridge Club in Abilene, TX

  1. melind0908 says:

    Hi Craig,
    Tell me about the bidding box holders at the corner of each card table please. Dave Melin

  2. My late husband made these holders after I saw them at a tournament. I have about 40 of them and would be glad to send them to you if you want. You must have a table that will allow a piece of metal to slide between the table top and the brace. Write me and I will send you a picture of them or will send you what I have.

    Coleen Grisham

    • Jackie Sonnenburg says:

      If you are inquiring about the metal holders for the bidding boxes that were shown in the pictures at the Mabel Lillius Bridge Center Unit 224 Abilene, Texas when Craig Robertson
      visited, they were nade by for the unit by the son-in-law of Cowita Bowiker from Santa Anna, member of Unit 224. The holders give us more room on the tables and have been enjoyed by all. We appreciate Cowita’s son-in-law for making them.

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