Club #82: AZ Bridgeworks in Scottsdale, AZ

September 4

Today was the 33rd time this year that the temperature reached 110 degrees. AZ Bridgeworks is a fulltime club run by Joy Balsar. The President of Unit 354 is Leon Lowe and he was my partner. My RHO opened 1 spade and I held S-Ax H-AKQJ109xxx D-xx C-void. I don’t have a systemic bid for this hand and 4 hearts didn’t seem very sporting so I chose to start with a double. It went pass 2C by partner 2D by my relentless LHO so now I tried a not very sporting 4 heart bid that ended the auction. Opening lead 10 of spades and dummy tabled S-J98x H-87 D-xxx C-AKxx. Trick one collected 100 honors in spades, a heart to the 8, AK of clubs shedding a spade and a diamond, then the 9 of spades, covered, ruffed, a heart to the 7 and shedding the last diamond on the 8 of spades. Plus 510, an average the hard way. The club had wonderful food and was a perfect way to get out of the heat. Joy was great and Leon was a fabulous partner.

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