Club #83: Adult Center of Prescott DBC in Prescott, AZ

September 5

Prescott is a growing area in Arizona. It is much higher altitude than the Phoenix area, so it’s cooler by 15 to 20 degrees. Joan Shay runs a game at the senior center that drew 24 tables about 1/3 of whom were playing in a non-sanction game. I talked to the non-sanctioned folks and gave them my goldfish theory (if you put a goldfish in a river he will grow to become a carp, but if you keep him in a goldfish bowl he cannot get bigger), but no one lined up to join the ACBL. I played with Joan and we had a disappointing/average game. On the last hand of the day Chris and Jim Showalter bid 6 clubs holding S-void H-KQx D-xxxx C-KQJ10xx opposite S-AQ10xxxx H-x D-AK C-Axx. Chris and Jim bid it very nicely, and Chris played it very carefully to bring home 12 tricks and a clear top on the board. I am sure the newer players liked my goldfish theory and have all joined the ACBL by now.

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