Club #91: Quicktricks BC in San Francisco, CA

September 12

Today’s stop held an evening game with three sections (Newcomer 5 tables, 0-299 15 tables open 10 tables), 30 tables and no parking! The newcomer game had a lecture before their game on the stage in the basement of the church facility. The Newcomer game finished early and they cleaned up and left without disturbing the other 25 tables. I played with Robert Hartman, the new CEO of the ACBL and we managed to win. Elaine played with Steve Smolen (the brother of the man who invented the Smolen convention). They had a 57% game and finished out of the money. That is the second time this happened recently (isn’t that very rare or am I just whining?). Anyhow, it was a very enjoyable game at a very spectacular show of evening bridge. My presence didn’t exactly pack them in. There is always a good crowd at evening bridge here. The same game had 29 tables the following week.

Robert Hartman, Kim Fanady, and Craig

Robert Hartman, Kim Fanady, and Craig

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