Club #93: Sequoia Bridge Club in Eureka, CA

September 14

Eureka is a small town in Northern California on the coast. The Sequoia Bridge Club meets three times a week in a church. The games were small, 4 ½ tables, the day I was there, but the players love the game and are happy there is a game at all! I played with Ginger Bowes, a new life master, and a very enjoyable partner. We did pretty well, 3rd I believe. I know these small games exist all over ACBL land and I am concerned about the future of these games. It is very difficult to get new players into games when the population density is low. This is largely due to the fact that it’s difficult to find someone who feels it is worth their effort to teach bridge to a very small number of people (1 or 2). Without teachers, we don’t have new players. It appears to me to be a serious problem that lacks an easy answer.

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