Club #96: East Side Bridge Club in Portland, OR

September 18

I came to Portland to visit a bridge club and it was closed. It seems the two full-time bridge clubs in Portland close when there is a sectional. Despite this, Molly Harris arranged to have a breakfast with the owners and directors of the Eastside Bridge Club and the Ace of Clubs Bridge Club so I could meet them all. It was good to see them all sitting at the same table (there are a lot of places I have visited this would be close to impossible to arrange). I tried to answer questions and tell of things I had learned. It was a very good meeting (as was the food). Later I played in the sectional with Jeff Taylor (former District 20 Director) in an attempt to inflate my masterpoint holdings. They had 56 and 42 tables in the Saturday sessions and we finished 5th and 4th overall and I won 7.14 masterpoints! I had dinner with the unit board between sessions and from my viewpoint it was a well spent day for stop #96.

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