Club #99: Sandpoint DBC in Sandpoint, ID

September 21

Sandpoint Idaho was just named the most beautiful small town in the United States by USA Today. The picture shown here is a downtown bank. The lakes, mountains, and beaches all add to the overall beauty of the area. Bridge is alive and well in the Couer d’Alene valley too. They have three games a week in the valley including one here in Sandpoint. Don Hanset directed the game of 10 tables, and I played with John Cox who traveled up from Couer d’Alene, some 30 miles away. The people were very nice, and I had conversations with as many as possible. John and I won. This is club stop #99. Elaine and I go home tomorrow, and I’ll have plenty of time to think about where to go for #100. I realized that today is September 21st which means there are exactly 100 days left in the year. Maybe I could do 200 clubs? Never mind.

‘It is not over til it is over’. I am going home now to think about where to go for number 100. We have had a great time and we would like to thank all the people at the clubs we visited. You were great. I enjoyed playing bridge everyday but I really enjoyed all the people I met. Bridge players are really nice. I drove about 18,500 miles and got to 37 states and two provinces.

Bank in downtown Sandpoint

Bank in downtown Sandpoint

June McCann, John Cox, Mary Faux

June McCann, John Cox, Mary Faux

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2 Responses to Club #99: Sandpoint DBC in Sandpoint, ID

  1. melind0908 says:

    It has been a nice trip for me also, following your trip that is. If you have played in 37 states there are 13 plus the DofC that you have not played in. Let random chance be the decider. Write the ones that you have not played in yet on slips and draw one out of a hat. When you know the area you are going too, select a club randomly.

  2. Helen Newton says:

    Sandpoint loved having you! Just an FYI for the record, the building pictured is an extremely good Italian restaurant on the first floor, professional offices on the second and three private condominiums on the 3rd floor – but yes, it is a handsome building.

    Helen Newton
    Sandpoint, Idaho

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