Club #100: Kathy’s Duplicate BC in St. Petersburg, FL

For my 100th club, I flew to St. Petersburg Florida. Kathy’s Duplicate BC is owned by Kathy Newell and runs on Wednesday’s at the St Petersburg BC. I arranged with Gretchen Funk and Leon Lyday to keep the second half of my purpose for visiting St. Petersburg a secret. Not only was I attending my 100th club, I was naming Charles Gill, manager of the St Petersburg BC, as the recipient of the Nadine Wood Volunteer of the Year Award. Charley is President, manager, part-time director, partnership chairman and he writes a clever email on the upcoming club happenings every week! He is a great guy and I wish every club had a Charley. To surprise me, Charley presented me with a caricature of yours truly in honor of my 100 clubs in 100 days. It is really just fabulous. We both pulled off a surprise!

Well I achieved the 100 clubs but I needed more. I decided to visit another club that was in somewhat familiar territory. In about 1973, I founded the South Jersey BC with two other guys and we had games seven nights a week. We introduced a day game and a game for players with less than 100 points. I sold my ownership after a couple years, but the club survived numerous owner and location changes. Today there is a club called the BC of South Jersey, so I think of it as a continuation of club I founded. This was my 101st club. They had 14 tables, and I played with Joelyn Shilliday.

So on September 21st, I completed club 99 and spent the next six weeks basking in failure. Now I have exceeded my goal and I did it in 97 days (no one ever said 100 clubs in 100 consecutive days). The tour was great. Thanks to everyone. Bridge players are nice.

Charles Gill, recipient of the Nadine Wood Volunteer of the Year Award

Charles Gill, recipient of the Nadine Wood Volunteer of the Year Award

Caricature of Craig's tour

Caricature of Craig's tour

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2 Responses to Club #100: Kathy’s Duplicate BC in St. Petersburg, FL

  1. Peg K says:

    Craig, having you visit our Minnesota and District 14 clubs was such a treat. Your concept of visiting 100 clubs throughout ACBL-land was such a fabulous idea! Many thanks for all the good will you spread and for giving so many of us the opportunity to meet you and chat with you in person.

  2. Rob Preece says:

    Congratulations on your tour. I enjoyed meeting you in Long Beach and following you as you blogged your journey. I wonder if anyone will ever follow in your footsteps and try something like this again?

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