Tour Map

Click here for a map of the eastern half of Craig’s tour, created by Sandy Arlinghaus. (24 MB animated GIF)

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  1. Matthew Dyer says:

    Hi Craig

    I see you’re visiting Chicago soon – we have our game on Wednesday nights, but we *will* have a special game if you have a better suggestion. I guarantee that a “special game” will happen if you show up.

    I was helping Carl Sharp last year when Rich DeMartino did Lake Geneva last year and was proud when he won the volunteer award. I was proud to see you visit MIT (my home club). My volunteer work for the last few years is growing the University of Chicago club. I’m proud of the work I’ve done, and I think we have one of the most interesting games in the country. I run my “slow/fast” pairs game, where we run the game at fast pairs speed (for the bulk of the players), but we also run a 2.5 hour game (late start, early finish), which doesn’t penalise slow players and beginners for pissing off the fast players (I designate NP, and actively enforce the fast play time limit).

    I think it’s a fascinating and very different club, with lots of future players. If you show up, I’d like to pair you with Dennis (this year’s club president), he’s a stellar beginner, dorky boy, but the future of the game. You can play with me if you like – if you feel that winning is *that* important (probably similar to Brian at MIT), but I think it would be a wonderful experience for you to see the fires to be lit in the younger generation, and for them to see how important you view the next
    generation. I think it is exciting. We don’t advertise right now, and if you want to see a real student game, I”ll keep it under wraps (and if you bring your wife, I can yell at the boys to keep the f-bombs silent).

    I think it would make a huge impact on the club, and a lot of juniors, if you were to show up and play. As a dude in his late 30s, I have a very boring retirement, and I need all the help I can get.

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