Club #97: North Shore Bridge Club in Vancouver, BC

September 19

Vancouver British Columbia is a beautiful city. The club tour’s second trip to Canada brought us to the North Shore Bridge Club, a once a week club that meets in a community center. The center is an excellent facility for a bridge game. One of the owners, Sandi White (others are Steve Beaton and Tai Eng), is caterer in her real life. They had a spread that was set out at the beginning of the game (10:00AM) and consisted of roast beef, ham, and salmon salad, among a variety of other dishes. The game had 25 tables and I played with Ram Hira whom I had met in both Louisville and Toronto. He asked me to come to Vancouver and a second visit to Canada seemed a very appealing way to end my Western swing. As it turned out, this stop was #97, not #100. Elaine and I toured the city Sunday afternoon when we arrived, and Monday after the game. We were happy we got to visit Vancouver for the first time.

Ram Hira and Craig

Ram Hira and Craig

Steve Beaton, Sandi White, Craig, Tai Eng

Steve Beaton, Sandi White, Craig, Tai Eng

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