Beginning April 17 in Lansdale, Penn., Craig Robinson embarked on his journey to visit 100 bridge clubs across the nation in 100 days.

In its 74 year lifetime, no ACBL President has taken on the challenge of personally visiting such a large number of clubs. After receiving requests from hundreds of the ACBL’s 3,200 affiliated bridge clubs, Robinson narrowed down his tour to 100 clubs. The tour will be split in half, with the first leg of the tour ending just as the Summer North American Bridge Championships (NABC) commence July 21 in Toronto, ON. The western tour begins August 10 in Fargo, N.D. after the NABC, and culminates in Vancouver in late September.

“The clubs are the lifeline of the American Contract Bridge League, and where the majority of new members come from,” Robinson said. “This special trip serves as a ‘thank you’ to all the clubs for helping make the ACBL the success we are today.”

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  1. Charles Patrick Smith says:

    Good afternoon, Craig, whereever you may be today. We spoke on the phone on Tuesday, April 12, when you called to see if you could join us for bridge here in Erie, Pa. on Wednesday, June 1, at 6:30 p.m. The President of the Erie Bridge Association, Lois Diplacido, is delighted to be your partner that evening. We are hoping that you will be able to come to the club at about 5:45 for a brief “meet and greet” before the game begins. Also, I do not know what time you plan to arrive from Cleveland during the day on that Wednesday, but I would like you to be my guest for lunch and a quick look at our community and a stop at our club if it fits into your schedule. I may be reached via this e-mail address or on my personal e-mail which is cpappysmith@yahoo.com
    You may also contact me at 814-864-7563, which is my ‘all-purpose’ 24 hour phone number. Unfortunately, the piece of paper I used to record you cell number the day you called has disappeared into the same fifth dimension with my missing socks and pens. If you will be kind enough to give it to me again, I will be appreciative.

    Charles (please call me Pat) Smith

  2. T Craig Robinson says:

    I should be able to get there early, 5:45 is no problem. Happy to play with Lois. 215 796 4956. I found your pen, but not your socks.


  3. Hello (again) Mr. Robinson. My partner and I sat N/S and played a round against you and Bob Heller when you visited Bill Marks’ club in Roswell, GA. You’ve played many hands in many days, but as you may recall I introduced myself and my partner Sambasiva Rao who’s in Georgia all the way from India.

    I thought you may be interested in a story about my good friend Ken Parker (Peachtree City, GA.. another of your partners) and me that started out on Facebook, but ended up as two posts on my blog site. I’ve played with Ken (once) and against him many times in the past.

    Ken posted a brilliant hand in his great response to my Facebook challenge:

    “Make up a story about how we met; yes, lie about it”.

    Remembering a hand that actually occurred in the mid-90’s while playing against Ken in a sectional tournament, I was able to repay his humorous riposte in kind.

    I know you’re a busy man, but here are the links. I think you’ll enjoy them and that they’ll make you smile.



    Thanks for visiting our club in Roswell. It was both an honor and pleasure to sit at the same table with you.

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