Clubs #44-47: New Jersey clubs

New Jersey visits

I went to four clubs in New Jersey. First was Glen Rock BC in Maywood. A large club with 12 games (including two 0-299er games) seven days a week. Unlike most clubs I have visited, I actually recognized some players now that I am within 100 miles of home.

Next stop was the Bridge Table managed and directed by Steve Nellissen. This club has a new type of schedule with free mini-lessons prior to some games. He also runs ‘Goodtimers Games’ for the new duplicate players and some night games for those who work. I liked what Steve is doing and I wish him success.

On Monday I went to the Essex BC, the largest club in the ACBL. They have 22 games (including 14 limited games). The club has been run by the Powell family: Ken, Ros, Alan(son) and Meagan(daughter-in-law). The four of them have a great attitude and are focused on the newer players while serving the experienced players. I will play here later in the month.

Last I went to the Livingston Bridge Studio. This is a new club with excellent facilities with open games, seven days a week, managed by Vijay Ahuja. They have a teaching program targeting players at various levels of experience.

I did not play at any of these clubs but I would like to thank them all for their warm welcome. I am not used to a club running multiple games per day but I am glad for District 3 that they have such facilities available to their players. I wish them all well and I thank them for having me.


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