Club #77: Aspen Bridge Club in Aspen, CO

August 30

The trip to Aspen had my first major pitfall. I arrive to play in the Aspen club with John VanNess, former District 17 President. About the third round, I realized that my glasses had no left lens. John and I played and looked for the lens throughout the game to no avail. On the last round we managed to get 22 of 24 matchpoints to vault over the 12th round leaders to victory. Avey Manges directed the game and then hosted a cocktail party after the game. Later in the evening, she, John and I ventured downtown for an evening of ‘seeing the town’. The next day I headed out for New Mexico. On the road, I again called the motel I had stayed in two nights before and they had found the lens. So I added a 50 mile detour to retrieve the lens. What is 50 miles when one is driving 18,000? This is one beautiful state and Aspen and Colorado Springs are two really pretty places.

Craig Robinson jersey in Aspen

"CR" jersey - Colorado Rockies, or Craig Robinson?

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1 Response to Club #77: Aspen Bridge Club in Aspen, CO

  1. melind0908 says:

    Mark down one vote that CR is for Craig Robinson.

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